IN Conference rooms

Imagine being in a conference call, not having to concentrate on filtering out all the noise, but rather focusing on the conversation.

Our speaker gives you the experience of being in the same room as your colleagues and partners, even when you are not.


In Schools and universities


Did you know that...

  • Students miss 25% of what is being said during lectures? 

  • Students get tired of concentrating on listening, which decreases their ability to learn?

  • 61% of teachers have to go on sick leave due to voice related health issues during their career? 

Our solution is proven to be world leading in speech intelligible for educational purposes. We believe that technology can give everyone a better opportunity to perform their best.


In Public spaces

Tired of never hearing what is being announced on public speakers? Never again will you have to worry about missing out on crucial information.

The Unisound speaker makes sure that everyone gets the message.