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The Unisound speaker is beautifully designed to fit into any environment. With state-of-the-art speech intelligbility, you can focus on what is most important - the conversation.

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 Two Cone Speakers

Two Ordinary Cone Speakers

 One Unisound Speaker

One Unisound Speaker Speakers


180º SOUND

Our patent pending technology enables an unrivaled 180 degrees dispersion of frequencies up to 20 kHz.

No matter how acoustically challenging the environment is, our speakers outperform any comparable product.


No hassle

The Unisound speaker embeds invisibly in your ceiling, where it will provide unprecedented speech intelligibility.

We made a speaker that is quick and simple to install, with
no hassle, so you can focus on the communication.



Detailed documentation with more information about the Unisound speaker.

In the lab


Huddle room

We believe that simplicity doesn’t correlate with bad audio quality and difficult use. Even in your smaller meeting rooms you should be able to hear and be heard just as if you are sitting next to each other. Because of this we are developing all audio in one solution, with simple connection & installation

Hint! It is not a soundbar, nor a conference phone.




Large meeting rooms often require tailormade solutions for good audio, otherwise only the person(s) closest to the microphone will be heard. We have developed a new beamforming and tracking technology that adapts to the users and room, so that there’s no need to configure the microphone to the room. We provide you with your own virtual microphone, so that you can always be heard.