Hear it all. ALways.


Our mission is to improve speech intelligibility and verbal communication wherever you are. We believe that everyone should be heard and included, so we can all interact in a better way.

Current solutions are often hard to use. We have made it easy for you to turn on the speaker, interact with your class, colleagues, partners or customers, and then shut it down when you're done.

It just works!



Unisound is the brand of Armoni AS, specializing in audio experiences for the professional user within collaboration. The company was established in 2013 by Runar Kjølle Nilsskog and Fredric Staksrud Hansen, based on technology developed by the team over many years, and research under way that would enable the company to generate state of the art products, enabling the users to hear and be heard as if they were sitting next to each other.

The company has since been developing the technology further: We have been using the technological fundament that Armoni AS was founded upon to create world leading products. We have an exciting product portfolio under way, and the first product is our Speaker, which you can see under “Products”. We are excited to bring you this product now, and more products over the years to come.

The team currently consists of Runar Kjølle Nilsskog as the CTO and CEO, Fredric on the sales side, Christian Eskeland Hauan as the CFO & Head of US operations, while we have a small, and strong tech team. Armoni AS have shown great ability to attract both raw talent straight out of the university and seasoned experts with the needed competences.


The future looks bright! So if you are curious to know more, or want to join us reach out to Christian on christian@unisound.no.